Registered & Protected



{ Raven always laughed seeing 
  seeing other people’s reactions
  to her. It had always been the same. }
h—-But wait.”
{ Now she’s changing, again.
  This time to someone that
  might be a little more convincing
  to admit what she needed to hear}


"You don’t have to pretend,
 you know. Peter Parker…
 Spider-man. I know who
 you really are.”

[ Oh how quickly it all fades away. Peter’s generally happy persona, his polite demeanor, his facade of wholeness. ]


[ It’s whispered at first, weakly, softly. Because Peter holds such an immense tenderness for the face in front of him. The face he hasn’t seen anywhere but in his memories and photographs for months. His light, his hope, his love. 

But this isn’t her. This is a perversion of her, of her memory, a badly thought out taunt by some stranger who thinks she knows about Peter’s life. Thinks she knows how to get the response she wants. ]


No, stop

[ That’s rage building up in the vibrato of Peter’s tone. That deep, harbored rage that Peter shoves within himself at all times, that plethora of unresolved emotions that hums in the back of his cranium and demands retribution that he’ll never get. 

Trembling hands slowly curl into shaking fist as his eyes and jaw harden with a pure hatred and distaste for the creature in front of him that dares to parody Gwen’s face, dares to mess with the tragedy of his emotions.

Gwen is not a punchline. She was a person, a person who Peter loved wholeheartedly. She is not a tool in a game that Raven seems to think Peter is playing. Peter doesn’t know how she found out about his identity, but furthermore he doesn’t care.

He’s not going to give her the satisfaction of a confession, only the heat from his red hot glare as his teeth grind together so hard he can taste the enamel. ]

Get away from me. Right now. I don’t know who you are, I don’t know what you’re talking about, and I don’t care.

Leave me alone.


[ It sounds like a threat because it is one. ]

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  emitting a snicker intertwined with disbelief, as she canted her skull from side to side. if rebekah had a dime every time she’d encountered someone denying their gift. 

  if only your dishonesty measured up to your ‘flexibility’— then perhaps it’d be something worth believing


  it’s alright— i’m L I K E you. well, not entirely, minus the whole choice in attire & fisting out silken webs at my command; though i am different. 

[ “I don’t fist them out”, is his first thought. ]

I uh—I still don’t know what you’re talking about lady, I’m sorry.

[ He shrugs his shoulders, adjusting the paperwork in his grip and looking around a bit, as if blatantly looking for a way out of this conversation, a distraction, anything. ]

I’m really sorry but I’m not the guy you’re lookin’ for. Wish I was, but I’m not, sorry. 

[ And now he’s tensing up a bit, because misunderstanding’s involving Spider-man tend to get…violent. ]



"Probably not. Most people don’t."
                                                            { She realized how cryptic she 
                                                               had sounded but then again
                                                                she always did. But, she always 
                                                                  did her research, careful to know
                                                                    the certain people that might be
                                                                      important. }
"Well, it might be weird, but it fits you see."
                                                             { And now here she goes,
                                                              mirroring the boy in
                                                             front of her. }


[ No one seems to grasp the concept of the mask. Not even people who Peter gladly wants to sympathize with, but can’t for reasons of secret identity protection. ]

Oh my god—

[ Peter stumbles back a few precautionary steps and stares at Raven in shock, wrapping his mind around what just happened. His mind wants to dwell on the science of it, the miracles nature her molecules must possess in order to even do something like that—

But then he eventually yanks his head back to the point, and even more importantly why the point doesn’t matter. ]

That’s—That’s incredible, that’s just…wow—But I can’t—I don’t know what you’re talking about still. 

I can’t do anything like that, I’m just—I’m just ordinary, y’know? The only people I’ve seen do stuff like that are the people who come out of Oscorp. And maybe that, like, Spider-guy. 

[ Only four people have ever known about Peter’s secret identity. Two are dead, and two are insane and tried to kill him, killing the other two in the process.

Spider-man isn’t just a secret, it’s a venom. Injecting into and slowly killing everyone who knows about it. He’s not just gonna give it up again. ]


I just need a dollar for a bag of Funyons. I don’t have any change on me so — yeah. 

[ He’s just going to reach out and take the whole dollar thirty five, and put it in his back pocket for a moment, than replacing his palm with rolled up stacks of hundreds. ] 

Naw man it’s fine, I gotchu. 

[ Hundreds — thousands — even millions are nothing to Roman. It’s just random bull shit spending paper.
So he’ll slip out a hundred and put it out for the other to grab.


Well, fucking take it. 

[ Jesus christ, and he thought Harry was rich. A hundred bucks for Funyons? The poor kid who’s saving up for college in Peter wants to just accept it, but the boy scout of him says that he can’t let Roman throw away his money like that—Even if he is rich. ]

Uhm—Nah man, no, that’s fine. I’m good.

Just keep it.

[ Peter puts his hands in his pockets, as if to signify that he won’t be taking anything. ]

Enjoy the Funyons. 



     ”Peter Parker! Pleasure to meet you! Dr. Hank McCoy, but you can just call me Hank.” Quickly, he brought a hand to shake the other’s. “Your name is extremely familiar, I’m sure I’ve heard the Professor speak of you a few times, but I can’t say I’ve ever put name and face together. It’s great to finally meet you.” 


[ Peter’s shaking your hand and smiling, but he has no idea what you’re talking about. A more conscious Peter would be immediately suspicious and perhaps even a little defensive, sleepy!Peter is trying to shrug this off as him just not remembering because he’s sleep deprived.

He’s not just gonna let it go that easily though. ]

I uhm—I don’t think I know any professors though? I haven’t started college yet. I’m sorta saving up some cash before I start for the Fall semester…

[ He pauses. ]

Maybe, uhm, maybe he knew my dad though? Richard Parker—He was a scientist at Oscorp. I think that’s who he’s probably talkin’ about. 

magicalthug started following you


[ Peter doesn’t like to type-cast, but aren’t you too tall and scar-y to not be a bad guy? ]


[ Peter. Stop staring. ] 

—Sorry, but uhm, have you seen like a back pack by any chance? I think I left it around here somewhere, but I can’t find it and it’s sorta, uh, it’s sorta super important.

[ Peter. Please stop staring. ]